Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Let's Get Started

My name is Tristine Fleming. You may be wondering who in God's green earth gave me the authority to dole out advice about relationships. I don't hold a degree in Psychology, nor do I have a background in social work. What I do have is forty-plus years experience in reckless, abusive, destructive relationships. (Now you're REALY wondering what kind of authority I have!)

My past experience comes from the ways of the world. The rules of man, so to speak. The caveman principles and other stupid guidelines so many men and women seem to follow. My suggestions on how to revive your relationship are a bit unorthodox and come from the heart of a woman who has suffered greatly at the hands of "the way it is" idea of relationships, and then found and married the man who showed me what real love and what a truly healthy relationship should be like! My stories stem from real-life experiences with my past relationships compared to my current one. It will blow your mind to see how EASY life can be when you just readjust your way of thinking and behaving.

Oh, don't you dare get me confused with a fist in the air mentality of Guuuurl Power, or any other women empowerment, feminist ideas. This is for men and women. This is real, raw, and ready to apply revival strategies to get you both focused on loving one another fully and functionally.

I will rip apart the world's way of revival, and provide you with practical ways to stop believing it should be one way or the other. A man/woman thing, so to speak. I will break it down for women and men. And don't be surprised when I throw the whole modern-day women/men stereotypes out the window.

Let's get real. Let's get practical. And let's get back to saving our relationships in healthy, loving, fun, and challenging ways.

Each week you will be presented with a Relationship Revival Challenge. You will get new perspectives from both me and my husband, Jared. So you will get both sides of the story. Some ideas will be based on biblical and Godly principles. Uh oh, I just lost you didn't I? You think I'm going to have the women barefoot and pregnant wearing blue bonnets, don't you? Think again! Whether you believe in God, don't know a thing about God, or think you know what biblical relationship principles are about...you're probably wrong! So get that whole, "Wives bow down and do as your told" idea out of your mind right now. I want to tell you something right off the bat so you have a clear and firm understanding of how God views men and women. So buckle up ladies and gentlemen. Hold on for dear life. We're going on an adventure.

Visit the page, In the Beginning, to find out why I believe most religions, and the world, have it all wrong!

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